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"Winter Wonderland"complete box

Includes the stamps bellow


  1. Fir tree (Width:30mm Height:50mm Depth:24mm)
  2. "Dali" Snowman  (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)
  3. Ribbon  (Width:25mm Height:25mm Depth:24mm)
  4. "Boy" on a sleigh (Width:25mm Height:25mm Depth:24mm)
  5. Winterbell  (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)
  6. Winter-star  (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)
  7. Snow frost  (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)


The complete box comes with an amazingly cute box to nestle your stamps!


【Sorry! Sold Out】「ウィンターランド」セット / Winter wonderland complete box

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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