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Mushroom ville by the Oak tree complete box

Including the stamps bellow


  1. Villa Mushroom (Width:25mm Height:58mm Depth:24mm)
  2. Casa Mushroom  (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)
  3. Maison Mushroom  (Width:30mm Height:50mm Depth:24mm)
  4. Professor Icarus (owl)  (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

  5. Mushroom store  (Width:30mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

  6. Eatable mushroom  (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)

  7. Acorn (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)

  8. Oak leaf (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)

  9. Oak tree  (Width:58mm Height:58mm Depth:24mm)

  10. wood stump (Width:12mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm)

  11. "Peanut" the squirel  (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

  12. Ranger Dali  (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

  13. Forest tree house base  (Width:20mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm)

  14. Professors house  (Width:20mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm)


The complete box comes with an amazingly cute box to nestle your stamps!


「楢の森」セット / Village by the Oaktree Complete box【在庫薄】

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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