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It is a village in the countryside. Gable roof houses, and mysterious bistro.There are fruits and vegetables that grow throughout the year. Many village cats are enjoying their own time here. This stamp series will allow you to create your own country village the way you like it.


Cat village complete box Includes the stamps bellow.


1.Derby House (Width:30mm Height:50mm Depth:24mm)

2.Bistro "Tora" (Width:40mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm)

3.Fruit tree (Width:40mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm)

4.Mini house (Width:20mm Height:20mm Depth:24mm)

5.Treehouse base (Width:20mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm)

6.MIni postoffice (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

7.Farmland (Width:20mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm)

8.Ted Derby (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

9.Running "Boy" (Width:20mm Height:20mm Depth:24mm)

10.Tora (Width:20mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)

11.Louis and Gigi (Width:30mm Height:30mm Depth:24mm)


The complete box comes with an amazingly cute box to nestle your stamps!


「猫の村」セット / Cat Village complete box【在庫薄】

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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