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水で定着 ! キラキラ仕上がるマイカパウダー













A dry mica pearl powder and dye mix for creating shimmering multi-colour effects on any porous surface. Gently puff the powder onto wet card, use with a wet brush or sprinkle onto surface and mist with water.

Can be mixed with other Cosmic Shimmer products, such as texture pastes and embossing powders to create some amazing effects.



We Alisa & Akamegane mix this powder with water just like watercolor paint to adjust the density, and use it to paint the backgrounds and plants with a brush. It's easy to use and makes your usual card look gorgeous all at once!


If you use the white pearl mixer as it is, it is perfect for expressing the world of silver in winter.

Also, this color can be used just like a white paint when you want to make other pixie powder colors a little lighter. It can be used not only with powder, but also with water-based inks and artist brushes you have on hand. (Put it on the palette and use a water brush to mix the colors. If you put the pen directly on it, you may not be able to draw.) If you are unsure, it is recommended to use this color first.


This set is a set of 6 colors selected by Alisa and Akamegane from total 26 colors.

By adjusting the mixture of these six colors, you can freely create various colors, and you can express the time line such as morning, noon, night, sunset, sunrise.

Also you can express the changes of  seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

It is also possible to express gradation by using two or more colors.

By combining with white pearl mixer, you can make other powder colors lighter.  You can also add accents with rich gold!


Please fully enjoy this fabulous glittering world♪


  • 30ml

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