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the EarlyBird and the BookWorm Complete Box includes below


1.Gina the Rabbit (27mm ×47mm)

2.Nina the  Rabbit(27mm ×47mm)

3.Teapot (17mm ×17mm)

4.TeaCup (17mm ×17mm)

5.Picnic Basket(25mm ×25mm)

6.Robbin(10mm ×10mm)

7.Raspberry Cupcake (10mm ×10mm)

8.Violet(10mm ×10mm)

9.Music note(10mm ×10mm)

Free Gift:Mini Book(タテ:100mm ヨコ:74mm)


The complete boxes are discount from the single stamps.

Plus you get the cute box and the mini book for free!



「早起きさん」と「本の虫」 / The Earlybird and the Bookworm complete box

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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