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『誰も信じてくれないかもしれないけど、これは僕が経験した空の上の話。。。』by ダリ














1) 雲間を飛行する”ジャズ”  縦85mm×横58mm×高さ24mm

2) 陽気な案内人”ブルー”  縦20mm×横30mm×高さ24mm

3) ベースの"メロディ"  縦40mm×横40mm×高さ24mm

4) ドラゴニア号の機関士”テンポ”  サイズ:縦55mm×横37mm×高さ24mm

5) ドラゴニア号後続列車  縦17mm×横37mm×高さ24mm

6) ジェラート山脈  縦25mm×横40mm×高24mm

7) 雲の山  縦17mm×横37mm×高さ24mm

8) 雲の谷  縦17mm×横37mm×高さ24mm

9) 虹の滑り台  縦:17mm 横:47mm 高さ:24mm

10) ドラゴンが大切にしている時計  縦:22mm×横:22mm×高:24mm

11) 天空の信号機  縦4.0cm×横1.2cm×高2.4cm

12) ジャズシャワー  縦20mm×横30mm×高さ24mm

13) 天空の駅舎  縦25mm×横40mm×高24mm

14) シャボン玉を吹くダリ  縦20mm×横30mm×高さ24mm

15) シャボン玉を吹くピーナッツ  縦17mm×横17mm×高さ24mm

16) 卵を抱えるジーナ  縦20mm×横30mm×高さ24mm

17) 読書に集中できないニーナ  縦20mm×横30mm×高さ24mm

18) ドラゴニア草の妖精ポポアン  縦15mm×横15mm×高24mm



豆本サイズ : 縦148cm×横105cm





"No one may believe me, but this is a true story I experienced at the world above the sky. . . ” by Dali


One day, Dali, a white cat, wakes up because of the strong light and he finds "something shiny'' in the sky.

He goes out to find that "something shiny'' with his friend "Peanut" the squirrel and they encounter dragons.


By chance, Dali and Peanut travel to the world of sky on a locomotive driven by a dragon.

There are many dragons living in the sky, and they will guide you through the heavenly world while playing jazz music. .


Along the way, rabbit sisters Nina and Gina also join them to go for further adventure, 

This is a magnificent stamp set that can depict great adventures in the sky.


Here we go! Would you like to join us on Dragonia Tours in the Sky?

The entire story is revealed in the mini picture book that comes with the complete set. . .


This Stamp set contains items below



1) Jazz gliding through the cloud  Width: 85mm x Width 58mm x Depth: 24mm

2) Cheerful guide “Blue”       Width: 20mm x Width 30mm x Depth: 24mm

3) Melody playing bass        Width: 40mm x Width 40mm x Depth:24mm

4) Locomotive engineer Tempo.     Width: 55mmx Height:37mm wide x Depth:24mm

5) Dragonia Passenger train      Width:17mm x Height: 37mm x Depth: 24mm

6) Gelato mountain range     Width:25mm x Height:40mm x Depth:24mm

7) Cloud mountain            Width:17mm x Height:37mm x Depth:24mm

8) Cloud valley             Width: 17mm x Height: 37mm x Depth:24mm

9) Rainbow slide.          Width: 17mm Height:47mm Depth: 24mm

10) Cherished watch  Width:22mm x Height:22mm x Depth:24mm

11) Signal in the sky   Width: 4.0cm x Height:1.2cm x Depth:2.4cm

12) Jazz shower      Width: 20mm x Height:30mm x Depth:24mm

13) Station in the sky   Width:25mm x Height:40mm x Depth:24mm

14)Dali enjoying soap bubble  Width:20mm x Height:30mm x Depth: 24mm

15)Peanuts enjoying soap bubble  Width: 17mm x Height:17mm x Depth: 24mm

16) Gina holding an egg     Width: 20mm x Height:30mm x Depth:24mm

17) Distracted Nina      Width:20mm xHeight:30mm x Depth:24mm

18) Popoanis Dragonia     Width: 15mm x Height:15mm x Depth:24mm



Box size:Length 196mm x width 186mm x height 26mm

Mini book size: Height 148mm x Width 105mm




空の旅ドラゴニアツアーズ/Let's get on the D-train

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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