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The flower ladies who live in LadyC's garden are very chatty. 

They are very close with robins who lives with Nina and Gina, and the insects that visit the garden. They loves to talk about everything that happened in the Garden and the city. 


Madame Poppy is full of energy and is the most talkative of all the ladies in the garden.

Once she starts talking, she would not let you go until the sunset. But the kind-hearted Lady Poppy would never speak  bad things about anyone, so people usually give up and follows her story to the end. Once the story is over, they usually all feels happy and would have good dreams that night. 


She goes well with Lady C flowers in any season, but especially "Autumn".


ポピー婦人/Madam Poppy



ポピー婦人/Madam Poppy

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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