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“Adesaw Estate" is located at the northwest of the lakeside town "Nahok”. Lady Camembert  (Lady C), lives in an old mansion on this vast land grows many flowers in her beloved garden. 


One beautiful autumn day, when the forest and mountains are starting to turn in to beautiful colors, Lady C sends her granddaughter Emmental the sketches of the bouquets she sent to her loved ones.


This set, which consists of 12 stamps in total, is the third one in the Lady C collection. (It is planned to be a total of 4 parts.)

The title this time is "Autumn Bouquet"


As the name suggests, it is a set of stamps that can be create infinite patterns, such as bouquets using autumn flowers, wreaths, landscapes, corners and wallpaper patterns.


Motifs reminiscent of harvest festivals and Halloween, such as pumpkins, wheat, rabbit tails, and  viburnum. Autumn Large leaves and Autumn carpet gives us the cozy feeling of autumn.

Baby breath and simple autumn leaves are easy to use with plants of any season. Large dahlias, uniquely shaped anemones, and scabiosas are also attractive. 


We must say that the bouquet handle is the key in this series that anyone can easily put any plants together into a bouquet without much effort. You can not only use it with autumn flowers, but also with spring, summer, and winter plants which will be announced in the future.


The flower motif is one of the best motifs to use as the main character when decorating letters and notebooks. At the same time, there is no doubt that it will play an important role as a side motifs for all the the other stamps of A&A.


This series, which is different from our series, comes in a special packaging. It is if Lady C herself has designed the box using her flowers from her garden. Foil-pressed cover on a custom-made box with a full pattern gives a luxurious, and antique feel.


Coloring is important for flowers. The wooden handle is in full color so everyone can imagine the color when painting over it.


This time, even a letter from Lady C will be included. What kind of story will continue in the coming summer, autumn, and winter?


When you pick up the box and open it, we are hoping you can immerse in the A&A world and feel the excitement as if you were one of the characters.


Lady C collection series will be in a four-part series. The first series is titled "Spring Pattern". As the name implies, you can create endless patterns and textures of spring flowers.


From now on, flowers raised by the lady and will add seasonal colors to the world of Alisa & Akamegane.


1)Baby's Breath Width:40mm Height:25mm Depth:24mm

2)Wheat Width:40mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm

3)Simple autumn leaf Width:30mm Height:20mm Depth:24mm

4)Autumn Carpet Width:30mm Height:20mm Depth:24mm

5)Anemone Width:17mm Height:17mm Depth:24mm

6)Large Autumn leaf Width:17mm Height:17mm Depth:24mm

7)Scabiosa Width:15mm Height:15mm Depth:24mm

8)Bunny tail Width:17mm Height:17mm Depth:24mm

9)Pumpkin Width:17mm Height:17mm Depth:24mm

10)Dahlia Width:22mm Height:22mm Depth:24mm

11)Bouquet handle Width:40mm Height:25mm Depth:24mm

12)Viburnum Width:17mm Height:17mm Depth:24mm

Box Size: Width:96mm Height:45mm Depth:132mm


*Not sold separately.



"ナホック"から北西に位置する”アデッサウ エステート”







































1)かすみ草 縦2.4cm×横4.0cm×高2.5cm

2)むぎ 縦2.4cm×横4.0cm×高1.2cm

3)シンプルな秋の葉 縦2.4cm×横3.0cm×高2.0cm

4)落ち葉の絨毯 縦2.4cm×横3.0cm×高2.0cm

5)アネモネ 縦2.4cm×横1.7cm×高1.7cm

6)大きな秋の葉 縦2.4cm×横1.7cm×高1.7cm

7)マツムシソウ 縦2.4cm×横1.5cm×高1.5cm

8)ラビットテイル 縦2.4cm×横1.7cm×高1.7cm

9)ズッシリかぼちゃ 縦2.4cm×横1.7cm×高1.7cm

10)大輪のダリア 縦2.4cm×横2.2cm×高2.2cm

11)ブーケハンドル 縦2.4cm×横4.0cm×高2.5cm

12)ビバーナム 縦2.4cm×横1.7cm×高1.7cm




レディー”C”のコレクション<秋のブーケ>/LadyC's collection ~Autumn Bouquet~

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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