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水で定着 ! キラキラ仕上がるマイカパウダー







キャンディーピンクはとても鮮やかなピンク。アーティストブラシでは表現のできないポップな表現ができます。もちろん、ホワイトパールのパウダーと混ぜれば優しい桜色に。サンイエローと混ぜるとオレンジを表現することが出来ます。サーカスシリーズやアラビアのエキゾチックな雰囲気や、レディC 春の模様の華やかなお花の表現にもおすすめです。


A dry mica pearl powder and dye mix for creating shimmering multi-colour effects on any porous surface. Gently puff the powder onto wet card, use with a wet brush or sprinkle onto surface and mist with water.

Can be mixed with other Cosmic Shimmer products, such as texture pastes and embossing powders to create some amazing effects.


We Alisa & Akamegane mix this powder with water just like watercolor paint to adjust the density, and use it to paint the backgrounds and plants with a brush. It's easy to use and makes your usual card look gorgeous all at once!


Candy Pink is a very bright pink. You can create pop expressions that cannot be expressed with the "artistbrush". Of course, if you mix this pink with white pearl powder, it becomes a gentle cherry color. Orange can be expressed by mixing with Sun Yellow. It is also recommended for the circus series, the exotic atmosphere of Arabia, and the gorgeous flowers of the lady C spring pattern.

ピクシーパウダー"キャンディーピンク"/Pixie Powder"CANDY PINK"

  • 30ml

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