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Marvy Artist Brush 18 colors set/アーティストブラシ18色セット

This product includes the following./この商品には下記が含まれます。


1)Plastic Pen Case+Color indication Sheet/


2)Artist Brush 1100-2 Red 
3)Artist Brush 1100-10 Light Blue

4)Artist Brush 1100-17 Steel Blue 
5)Artist Brush 1100-22 Lemon Yellow
6)Artist Brush 1100-24 Beige
7)Artist Brush 1100-26Silver Grey
8)Artist Brush 1100-31 Pale Violet
9)Artist Brush 1100-32Laurel Green
10)Artist Brush 1100-43 Brilliant Yellow
11)Artist Brush 1100-45 Sepia
12)Artist Brush 1100-47 Pale Pink
13)Artist Brush 1100-51 Aqua grey
14)Artist Brush 1100-60 Salvia Blue
15)Artist Brush 1100-62 Wisteria
16)Artist Brush 1100-67 Bubble Gum Pink
17)Artist Brush 1100-70 Pepper Mint
18)Artist Brush 1100-96 Jungle Green
19)Artist Brush 1100-0 Blender


Size:5cm×6cm ×15cm   



※Due to the impact of the current situation throughout the world, for some countries and areas, EMS can’t be used for shipment.If you choose Kuroneko Express for shipment, We can not ship out products that contains liquid.Thank you for your understanding.





アーティストブラシ18本セット / Artist Brush 18 colors

  • Material: Plastic

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