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1.おめかしダリちゃん    縦30mm×横50mm×高さ24mm

2.レディーCのケーキスタンド  縦25mm×横40mm×高24mm

3.黒猫文具店の万年筆    縦4.0cm×横1.2cm×高2.4cm

4.ミニインク瓶       縦10mm×横10mm×高さ24mm

5.ストロベリーマカロン   縦10mm×横10mm×高さ24mm

6.ジャム入りクッキー    縦10mm×横10mm×高さ24mm

7.アイスボックスクッキー  縦10mm×横10mm×高さ24mm





The designs drawn for "Bungu Jyoshihaku Perfect Guidebook 2023" has become a stamp series ♪

The white cat Dali and squirrel Peanut will be holding a stationery tea party♪


Delicious-looking cookies and macarons are lined up on the cake stand on the table, as well as ink and fountain pens.

Who will you write a letter to while eating delicious sweets? Or maybe keep a diary?


This series is easy to use even for stamp beginners, such as arranging sweets on a cake stand or letting Dali hold a fountain pen.

“Early Bird and Bookworm” series and “NAHOK Festival” series

This series also goes very well with stamps such as spice jars and candy jar date rotation stamps.


This time it comes in a special original box♪

The cute box is covered with cloth that has an original print  looks just like a coockie box♪

We used gold foil for the title ♪ It will brighten up your desk and get you excited ♪


1.Dressed up Dali    Width:30mm Height:50mm Depth:24mm

2.LadyC's Cake Stand   Width:25mm Height:40mm Depth:24mm

3.CNP Fountain Pen    Width:40mm Height:12mm Depth:24mm

4.Tiny Ink Jar       Width:10mm Height:10mm Depth:24mm

5.Strawberry Macaron   Width:10mm Height:10mm Depth:24mm

6.Jelly Cookie      Width:10mm Height:10mm Depth:24mm

7.Icebox Cookie   Width:10mm Height:10mm Depth:24mm


BOX Size: Length 70mm x Width 105mm x Height 27mm




文具ティーパーティー/Bungu Tea Party

  • Material: Wood handle, Rubber stamp

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