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水で定着 ! キラキラ仕上がるマイカパウダー









A dry mica pearl powder and dye mix for creating shimmering multi-colour effects on any porous surface. Gently puff the powder onto wet card, use with a wet brush or sprinkle onto surface and mist with water.

Can be mixed with other Cosmic Shimmer products, such as texture pastes and embossing powders to create some amazing effects.


We Alisa & Akamegane mix this powder with water just like watercolor paint to adjust the density, and use it to paint the backgrounds and plants with a brush. It's easy to use and makes your usual card look gorgeous all at once!


Rich gold can be used as a versatile accent for any color and any occasion. Recommended for those who want to make their birthday cards, various greeting cards, and New Year's cards more gorgeous than usual, as well as Papa Sunshine, Mrs. Moonlight, stars and sunlight filtering through foliage.

ピクシーパウダー"リッチゴールド"/Pixie Powder"RICH GOLD"

  • 30ml

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